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Accounting. Professional Services. Strategic Advice.

Raise your expectations

We are dedicated to providing our clients unmatched and unparalleled services at extremely competitive rates. Our clients simply deserve more.

About Us

About us

The KAHRIZ Accounting firm is established in Ottawa, Ont. and serves clients in Ontario, Canada and the United States. The firm hold a vast array of experience in the public and non-profit sector. The firm leverages its skills to provide clients guidance on operational efficiencies, corporate services, investment strategies, Information Management and other business strategies.

The firm also provides personal services such as financial planning and strategies, and professional services to help our clients succeed financially.

Omid Kahriz

A message from the President

"Navigating life's journey comes with many challenges and financial clarity is the catalyst to achieving your dreams and goals. At KAHRIZ Accounting, We are dedicated to your success as it is a reflection of ours.


Our clients simply deserve more"

Omid Kahriz

Omid Kahriz, CPA, CMA

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